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Mother, father, wife, fiancée, aunt, uncle, sister, brother-in-law. Each has lost their soldier in Iraq. They are a community in grief, in pain and unsure how to carry on with their lives. A PAINFUL PRIDE documents a heartbreaking support group meeting of these 'survivors' as they struggle to move forward. This feature-length documentary film is currently in post-production.



As darkness falls the sound of gunshots are heard in the distance. We see a fire lonely burning on a deserted corner. As daylight arrives a desolate urban scene is slowly uncovered. This is no man’s land, block after block of abandoned buildings. The neighborhood is East New York, Brooklyn. It is 1978 and this is a place of “stunning devastation.”

Today, the urban blight has been replaced by new homes. This stunning turnaround has occurred not just in East New York but also in other Brooklyn neighborhoods that were once labeled “the end of civilization.” THE RETURN OF THE PROPHET: NEHEMIAH IN BROOKLYN is a documentary film that will examine the forces that drove this remarkable reversal – the people, the politics, the financiers, the mistakes that were made and the ultimate successes.

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